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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Tuition Fees for Ghanaian & International Students

Tuition Fees of Various Programmes

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Ghanaian Students - Fees Per Semester
International Students -  Fees Per Semester 
Crown International Business School
GHC 2,100
USD 2,200
1. Bsc. (Hons.) in Business Management & Administration
GHC 2,100
USD 2,200
(a) Accounting, Pure & Applied Maths with Finance
GHC 2,100
USD 2,200
(b) Economics, Banking & Finance with Actuarial Science
GHC 2,100
USD 2,200
(c) Management, Marketing & Communication with Computing
GHC 2,100
USD 2,200
(d) Human Resource, Agribusiness & Statistics with International Relations
(e) Logistic, Transport & Supply Chain Magt.
(f) Oil & Gas Management

Our Combined Studies /Honours/Majors/Subjects with Minors degree system is ideal for independent-minded individuals who enjoy the challenge of mastering more than one subject.

Our Combined Studies degree is a more flexible course of study – you can choose between three and five subjects from a varied list to design your own degree. It’s a great choice if you want to study different areas that match your career aims exactly, or if you want to keep your options open. We’ll give you support and guidance to make sure your programme of study reflects what you want to do.

If you study mostly arts modules, your certificate will read BA (Hons) Combined Studies. If you study mostly science modules, you’ll graduate with BSc (Hons) Combined Studies.
GHC 2,100

USD 2,200

NB: 4 Years for Bachelor Degrees
2. MBA-Master of Business Administration

(a)  Finance & Accounting/Management  
GHC 5,800 (Day/Alumnus)

GHC6,900 (Evening & Weekends)

USD 6,200 (Day/Aluminus)

USD   7,900 (Evening & Weekends)

NB: All Masters Programme Duration (2 Years)
(b) Journalism & Marketing
(c)  Human Resources Management & Development
(d)  Banking, Insurance & Risk Management
(e) Project Management & IT
(f)  Community Development & Rural Management
(g)  Health Admin. & Hospital Management
(h)  Agric  Technology & Agro-Processing/Natural Resources
(I) Logistic, Transport & Supply Chain Magt.
(j) Oil & Gas Management
3. Chartered Professional Courses

 ChE Chartered Economist ®
 AFA Accredited Financial Analyst ® 
 AMA Accredited Management Accountant ® 
 AMC Accredited Management Consultant ® 
 MMC Master Management Consultant ®
 CIPM Certified International Project Manager
 MFP Master Financial Planner ®
 CRA Certified Risk Analyst ®
 CTEP Chartered Trust and Estate Planner ®
 CWM Chartered Wealth Manager  ®
 RBA Registered Business Analyst
 MPM Master Project Manager ®
 Chartered Certified Consultant-Ch.CC
 Chartered Fraud Examiner-CFE

Other Specialist Designations

 RFS Registered Financial Specialist ™
 FAD Financial Analyst Designate ™
 MSA Master Securities Analyst ™
 CPM Chartered Portfolio Manager  ™
 CAM Chartered Asset Manager  ™
 CMA Chartered Market Analyst ™
 CIPM Certified International Project Manager
 CPE Certified Planning Engineer ™
 CRA Certified Risk Analyst - Also known as:  ARA Accredited Risk Analyst
CCC Chartered Cost Controller ™ (Accounting Credential) Complete a concentration in accounting. 
 CHRA Certified Human Resources Analyst or CHR Certified in Human Resources  ™ 
 CFC Certified in Financial Crimes ™  (Economic Crime and Fraud Prevention) 
 MPA Master Professional Auditor  ™ 
 CSA Certified Strategic Auditor  ™ 
 CIFRS Certified in International Financial Reporting Standards 
 CTA Certified Treasury Analyst ™ 
 CAMC Certified Anti Money Laundering Consultant ™ 
 CITA Certified International Tax Analyst ™ 
 MTP Master Treasury Professional ™ 
 MFMS Master Financial Modeling Specialist  ™ 
 CCP ™ Certified Compliance Professional ™ from GAFM ®
CEC ™ Certified eCommerce Consultant  ™ (USA)
 CSM Chartered Security Manager ™
 CTS™ Certified Transfer Pricing Specialist™
 MPM™ Master Project Manager – Legal Analyst
CEC Certified E-Commerce Consultant
 CCA Certified Credit Analyst ™
 CCE Certified Corporate Economist ™
 CCO Certified Compliance Officer ™
 CMA Certified Marketing Analyst ™
 ChMA Chartered Mortgage Analyst ™
 CITA Certified International Tax Analyst ™
 MFC Master Financial Controller ™
 RFA Registered Financial Analyst ™
 RWM Registered Wealth Manager ™
 CPM Chartered Pension Manager ™ or CPS Certified Pension Specialist ™
 CPAM ™ Chartered Pension Analyst Manager ™
 CEPS Certified Education Planning Specialist
CMFMP Certified Municipal Finance Management Practitioner ™
CCMFMA Chartered Certified Municipal Financial Management Accountant ™
CCFMA Chartered Certified Public Finance Management Accountant ™
CCIP Chartered Certified Insurance Professional ™
 CCIB Chartered Certified International Banker
 AIM Accredited Investment Manager ™
 CSS Certified Sukuk Specialist ™
 ABBM Accredited Bank Branch Manager ™
 ASAR- Anti-money Laundering ™
 MIFA Master International Financial Analyst        

ChPA Chartered Political Analyst

GHC 5,600.00

Complete cost for all the levels for Chartered Professional Courses

USD 2,500.00 complete cost for all the levels for Chartered Professional Courses

NB: Duration 6 months

School of Health & Allied Sciences

(a) BSc. Nursing
    2 Years BSc (Hons) Nursing top-up

(b) Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) Registered General Nurse 

(c)Registered General Nurse (RGN)- License 
     Registered Midwifery (RM) - License
     Registered Post NAC/NAP - License

(c) MPH-Master of Public Health
(d) BSc (Hons) Public Health

(e) MSc Public Health
(f) HND Dispensing Technology

BSc (Hons) Medical Laboratory Science
Operation Theater Technology
Cardiac Care Technology
Neuro Science Technology 
Anaesthesia Technology 
Imaging Technology 
Radio Therapy 
Clinical Medicine & Therapeutics
Paediatrics & Child Health
Prosthetics & Orthotics 
Health Information & Record Magt.
Medical Radiation Technology
Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Dental Health Professionals
Occupational Therapy
Speech Tharapy
Medical Physics
Disease Control

Health Promotion

(g) Medicine 
GHC 2,885
GHC 1,442.5

GHC 2,600

GHC 1,800

GHC  5,865
GHC  2,648
USD 2,900
USD 1,450

USD 2,650
School of Law

(a) LL.B  BA (Hons.) or LL.B  BBA (Hons.) (Integrated)
(b) LL.M-Master of Laws in Criminology & Criminal Law and Justice

GHC 5,785

GHC 5,900

USD 2,900

USD 10,700
School of Engineering & Technology

(CBT Programmes - Accredited by COTVET)

1. B.Tech Agric Technology & Resources Management with options in: Post-Harvest Technology & Food Security, Agric Technology & Agribusiness, Project Management Engineering, Mass Communication & Multimedia Technology, Planning & Resilient Cities Engineering

2. B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering with options in: Information Technology & Computing/Programming, Software Engineering Web & Mobile Technology, Networking & Database Engineering, Security Technology & Defense Studies, Internet Science & Cyber Security
3. B.Tech Maintenance Management & Engineering

4. B.Tech Telecommunications Engineering

5. B.Tech Petroleum Engineering

6. B.Tech Pharmaceutical Technology

7. B.Tech Construction Technology & Built Environment

8. B.Tech Civil & Geomatic Engineering

9. B.Tech Environmental Engineering and Waste Management

10 B.Tech Railways Engineering

GHC  2,989

USD 3,200

Programmes in Collaboration with the University of South Wales
BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

BSc (Hons) Forensic Science with Criminology (Including foundation year)

BSc (Hons) Police Sciences (including Foundation Year)

BSc (Hons) Public Health

MSc Public Health

LLB (Hons) Law

LLB (Hons) Legal Practice (Exempting)

LLB (Hons) Law with Criminology and Criminal Justice

Legal Practice Course

LLM Laws

BA (Hons) Media, Culture and Journalism

BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering (Including Foundation Year)

MSc Mobile and Satellite Communications (with internship)

BSc (Hons) Computing and Information Technology & Systems

MSc Computing and Information Technology & Systems

MA Education (Innovation in Learning and Teaching)

BA (Hons) Logistics & Supply Chain Management

CIPS Professional Diploma

MBA – Master of Business Administration

MSc International Logistics & Supply Chain Management

MSc Strategic Procurement Management

MSc Project Management

Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) Registered General Nurse

BSc Hons. Forensic Investigation 

BA (Hons) International Relations

Department of Languages                                                                                              

English Language Proficiency - ELP
French Language Proficiency - FLP
Spanish Language Proficiency - SLP

1 mois (3 heures par jar =60,000 CFA
1 mois (6heures par jar) =90,000 CFA
2 mois (6 heures par jar) =110,000 CFA= 150,000 CFA
3 mois (6 heures par jar) = 190,000 CFA

3 mois (3 heures par jar)
6 mois (3 heures par jar) =190,000 CFA
9 mois (3 heures par jar) = 260,000 CFA
12 mois (3 heures par jar) = 310,000 CFA

1 mois 3 heures par jar                        300.000CFA            290.000   CFA
1 mois 5 heures par jar                        380.000 CFA           360.000CFA
2 mois 3 heures par jar                         460.000CFA           430.000CFA
2 mois  heures par jar                           570.000CFA           530.000CFA
3 mois 3 heures par jar                         680.000CFA           660.000CFA
3 mois 5 heures par jar                         850.000CFA            830.000CFA
2 semaines 3 heures par jar                 250.000CFA              230.000CFA
2 semaines 5 heures par jar                 280.000CFA               260.000CFA

1 mois 3 heures par jar      310.00 CFA               260.000 CFA
1 mois 5 heures par jar       420.000CFA             390.000 CFA
2 mois 3 heures par jar        490.000CFA            440.000CFA
2 mois 5 heures par jar         630.000CFA           550.000CFA
3 mois 3 heures par jar          770.000CFA          660.000CFA
3 mois 5 heures par jar          980.000CFA          880.000CFA



GHC 35
GHC 190.00

GHC 650.00
GHC 900.00

GHC 1,500.00


USD 350

USD 520

USD 760

USD 1080


Reading Rooms
Offices for seminars, conferences and meetings
Internet (WIFI)
COST -100,000CFA
Duree 4 mois
COST =100.000CFA
Duree=4 mois

The minimum qualification to gain entry into any degree programme includes
Six (6) WASSE/SSSCE credit passes ( A1-C6/A-D) in any three subjects including English language, mathematics and integrated science or social studies plus three credit passes ( A1-C6/A-D) in elective subjects. AGGREGADE SCORE SHOULD NOT EXCEED 24 in the case of SSSCE and 36 for WASSCE.

GCE O LEVEL including English language and mathematics.

Post Secondary Teachers Certificate ‘A’ from Ghana Education Service plus (5) five O LEVEL credit passes including English and maths.

ABCE & GBCE: ABCE candidates with three or more passes, who also possesses at least 5 five credit passes in SSSCE/WASSCE/GBCE including passes in English and maths may be admitted to level 200. Those with 2 passes or less may be admitted to level 100. GBCE candidates with passes in 5 subjects including business maths may qualify for level 100.

Foreign students with qualifications to WASSCE or GCE O/A LEVELS may apply.
Diploma in Business Studies applicants with a minimum of five (5) passes of the DBS in accounting and business management awarded by the Technical Examination Unit of Ghana Examination Service is required.

Higher National Diploma (HND) graduates with at least a second class lower division in a relevant area such as accounting, HR, Management, Communication or Marketing may be admitted into relevant programmes.
Holders of a Diploma awarded by a recognized university/college qualify to be admitted at level 300.

This short term course serves as a revision for matured candidates. Courses are offered in English, maths, logic and critical thinking, after which candidates are examined. Successful candidates may be admitted to all programmes except computer science. The courses has a duration of 6 six weeks duration with a minimum entry requirements of 27 years and above and must pass an entrance exams

Application for all programmes may be obtained at a non-refundable application processing fee of GHC 100.oo for Ghanaian or US$110.00 for international students. 

Candidates who have spent minimum of two semesters as regular students pursuing the same degree in a recognized university or institution with satisfactory progress (CGPA- related) may be considered for admission as transfer student.

Admission Requirements - Level 200
Category A
General Certificate of Education (G.C.E) Advanced Level:
Passes in any three (3) subjects at the G.C.E Advanced Level plus a pass in General Paper. In addition, the applicant must have had credit passes (Grade 6) or better in five (5) subjects including English Language, Mathematics and any Science Subject at the G.C.E Ordinary Level.

Category B
Advanced Business Certificate Examinations (ABCE):
Passes in any five (5) subjects at the ABCE level. In addition, the applicant must have had credit passes in five (5) subjects including English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science or Social Studies in the General Business Certificate Examinations (GBCE).

Category C
Post-Secondary Teacher’s Certificate ‘A’/Diploma in Education Certificate.

Category D
Recognized Professional Qualifications:
At least complete Level One (1) of any of the following professional qualifications:
Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators. UK (ICSA),
Chartered Institute of Marketing. UK (CIM)
Chartered Institute of Management Accountant. UK (CIMA)
Chartered Association of Certified Accountants. UK (ACCA),
Institute of Chartered Accountants ICAG and
Chartered Institute of Bankers CIB

Category E
Higher National Diploma (HND) in disciplines relevant to the programmes being offered by the University

Category F
Applicants in possession of University/Tertiary Diploma with a Final Grade Point Average (FGPA) of at most 2.99 from any University/Institution in programmes relevant to the courses being offered by the University.

Admission Requirements - Level 300 
Category A
Higher National Diploma (HND) in related field

Category B
University /Tertiary Diploma applicants in related field of study
Applicants with at least complete level two (2) of any of the following recognized professional qualifications: ICSA, CIM, CIMA, ACCA, ICAG and CIB.
  1. Postgraduate Admission Requirements
  • A first degree with a minimum of Second Class Lower from a recognized University in a related field or study,  or
  • A first degree with a third class or pass with a minimum of three years post qualification experience or
  • A postgraduate diploma in a related field from a recognized University may also be admitted.
     Supplemental Materials
  • Applicants should have their official transcripts from each institution attended sent directly to Laweh Open University.
  • Applicant must submit an essay between 500-800 words .
  • Resume that includes three (3) professional or academic references
Admission Requirements - International Applicants
International Applicants may be admitted on the basis of qualifications from their home countries for which equivalence shall be determined by the National Accreditation Board (NAB) of Ghana and submitted to the University. Evidence of proficiency in English Language will be required in the case of applicants from non-English speaking countries
NB: Other charges for Ghanaian and International Students:
  • Field Trip/ Lab Practicals/Clerkship/Others - GHC 360 per semester
  • All distance learning programmes GHC 300 per semester
  • All professional courses GHC 385 per semester
  • Incoming students must pay all fees for a semester before the first day of class.
  • Returning students must pay ½ of total fees for the semester before the first day of class. The remaining fees must be paid within 4 weeks of the start of the semester. 
  • Please contact the Business Development Office for more information on penalties.
NB: Fees are subject to review when the need arises.
Fees can be paid into: 
ACCOUNT NAME: ...........................
BANKERS: ...................................
ACCOUNT NUMBER: .......................
SWIFT CODE:...............................

IMPORTANT: Under no circumstance will students be allowed to take their final exams until their fees for the semester have been paid in full.

Programmes Duration
(A) Bachelor Degree Programmes: 4 years
(B) Master Degree Programmes: 2 years
(C) Doctorate Degree Prorammes: 3 years
(D) Chartered Professional Progammes: 6 months
(E) Top-up degree programmes : 2 years
(F) License Programmes: 6 months

Why Study at Crown?

Our International Exposure

Crown University makes the world your classroom, and widens your global perspectives.

Expand your horizon and connect on an international level through overseas study tours, Semester Abroad Programme (SAP), intercultural live video discussions, classes by guest lecturers from partner universities, and more.

Our Innovative Learning

Students at Crown gain their edge with developing speed through an industry-focused curriculum, the latest learning innovations and collaborative processes

 Learn in a more engaging, efficient and motivated way through Blackboard, World of Business Ideas (WOBI™), games, wikis, podcasts and other interactive platforms. Acquire essential experience and skill-sets in a curriculum jointly developed with our Industry Advisory Board and which covers Employer Projects and structured internships.

 Gain your edge through an industry-focused curriculum, the latest learning innovations and collaborative processes.

Our Individual Development

Crown brings out your full potential so that you can realise your aspirations in a world of change.

 At Crown you gain a head-start in the job market with career guidance from dedicated lecturers and counsellors, mentorship and coaching by industry experts, career camps and industry workshops. Be a better communicator through our specially developed modules

Vision of the University

The university is chained by the tripartite cycle of forward progress:

 1 To mint a crown of excellence and form a nucleus of the universal university of humanity by forging a close-knit co-operation with industry and business so as to scientifically analyze needs and problems in local context and put them in a global perspective to meet the overwhelming demands of the working world.

 2 To develop technically feasible and viable methods and programmes i.e. changing from the more theoretical learning phase (course-work) to career specific (hand-on-job training) through designing, evaluating and implementing development projects for sustainable livelihood.

3 To become a towering door opener in the educational frontiers and ladder for assuming leadership, graduate employability by rendering a valuable contribution to the overall global governance, peace, security and justice.

Crown Global Alliance Universities/Affiliations
CROWN is created with international audience in mind; its programmes are industry oriented, that is, light in theory but heavy in results yet anchored in research and community-based multi-disciplinary approach (combined honours/majors/subjects with minors) so as to export education overseas.

1. Westford School of Management
2. In alliance with the GAFM Distribution chain- USA -India - China - Africa - Arabia - Latin Americas - UK – EU- Middle East- Asia- Brazil- Spain
3. West Coast University (International Chartered) Continental Representative
4. Africa International Institute of Professional Training and Research (International Chartered for Dual Degree system)

CROWN Global Alliance Universities (CGAU) is a standardized global network of universities that opens doors to societies with a unique multicultural perspective that prepares our students for great careers and lifelong achievement. Our network builds and keeps these standards knowing that in an interconnected world of shared economies, businesses, technologies, environments, and cultures our students would have a competitive advantage whether enrolled online or in a campus-based allied university can still receive an internationally accredited university educational experience with programs designed to cross borders while meeting the needs of local communities and economies. We share in our network innovative best-practice driven curricula and degree programmes that inculcates in our graduates and faculty problem solving approach to issues geared taking human civilization into another level to meet the overwhelming demands of the working world. “CROWN Global Alliance Universities” recognizes international double accredited and dual-degree programmes (DDP) as well as study abroad programme (SAP) and student/faculty exchange initiatives (SEI) to exports higher education overseas worldwide. 

  1. In this network we design, deliver, and market customized and comprehensive online programmes across an institution.
  2. We pull together strategic, operational, and academic expertise delivering programs on a global basis using Crown’s Global Alliance infrastructure
  3. An existing network of sites around the world to support hybrid and on-ground programs
  4. We provide opportunities for articulation agreements and dual/joint degree programs with more in many allied institutions and countries educating students around the world.
  5. We develop specialized programs that bring international students to partner campuses, especially during underutilized times of the year
  6. We offer study abroad and faculty exchange opportunities in desirable locations around the world
  7. Led by an international team of educators and executives with broad experience in academics and business with experience from global businesses as well as Chancellors, Vice-chancellors, rectors, presidents and deans from higher education’s most respected institutions worldwide.
  8. Each Crown’s Global Alliance University has its own academic advisory board, pooling the academic and professional expertise of its members to ensure career-relevant education for all students in the network.
Scholarship Gateway with top UK Universities & Qualifications Awarding Bodies

At Crown University's Regional Admission Centre you have the choices of choosing from wide range of courses that interest you from top UK Universities such as:
1. University of Wolverhampton
2. Cardiff Metropolitan University
3. University of Derby, UK
4. Bangor University, UK
5. University of Stellenbosh
1. Cambridge International Qualifications
2. EduQual
3. Pearson

1. International Association of Accountancy Professionals
2. The Association of Accountants & Financial Professionals in Business
1. Edexel Approved Centre
2. Willey
3. CCI
4. UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting

1. Digitally Equipped Learning Centre
2. Seminar Rooms
3. 24 X 7 Wifi Enabled
4. World Class Library-Professional & Academic Journals, Magazines, DVDs and Research Papers
5. Theater Style Seating Arrangements
6. Learning Management System-Online Study
7. Smart Classrooms
8. Refreshment and Leisure Corner
GRAB CROWN - WESTFORD ADVANTAGE (The only Partner of Cambridge Strategies in UAE, Accredited by ASIC

Crown announce MoU Affiliation Alliances with Africa International Institute for Professional Training and Research(AIIPTR), Internationally Chartered incorporated under the Laws of United States of America is afiliated with Crown University College to offer dual degree program from various Univeristies in the MOU of Crown Global Alliance Universities as follow:
Arizona State University, Public, USA
New York University, USA
Hertfordshire University, UK
Ryerson University, Canada
University of Tourism and Management, Macedonia
San Juan De La Cruz University, Costa Rica
American Learning Center, USA
Empresarial University de Coasta Rica, Costa Rica
EIILM university, India
Global Open University, Public, India
Jiwaji University, Public, India
Bundelkhand University, Public, India
Manavbharti university, India
Mahatma Gandhi University Kashi/Varanasi, India
King George Medical University, India
Pana Medical Colledge and Hospital, India
People's College of Medical Sciences and Research, India
Management & Science University, Malaysia
Aldergate College, Philippine
Cambridge College of Management, UK
Oxford College of Management, UK
Magadh University, India
Africa International Institute for Professional Training and Research Intl’ Chartered,(Africa and World-wide)
West Coast University, Panama, Belize, State of Delaware, Intl Chartered and Bangladesh Campus and World wide
Chartered Institute of Educational Management and Administration,
International Academy for Science and Research, England and Wales,
The International Chartered World Learned Society (World-Wide)

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